How to Beat Bad Beats in Online Poker

How to Beat Bad Beats in Online Poker

How to Beat Bad Beats in Online Poker

Live poker as the name suggests is played in real time over the internet, the players compete for the prize in a real casino. The object of the game is to beat your opponent, and win the pot or bankroll. Live poker has always been on the edge, as it requires a lot of skills and tactics to win the game.

Live poker in itself has always been all about observation, players studying each others behavior and hence trying their best to get closer to the larger pot. However, online poker has been known to add the thrill element with the concept of bad beats. If you’re looking for great ease and comfort, then online live poker is the way to go. However, most people will recommend you to go with live poker just for the added experience and social atmosphere since online poker itself is pretty much the same, just… for the convenience.

However, comparing the two, you might be surprised to know that online poker gives you more opportunities to win. When you play live games, you end up playing against other live players. You can’t help but notice the bad beats that they show in the last few hands. Online stakes give you the opportunity to reap the benefits of these bad beats while not risking any money.

This brings us to another point, which is basically a general consensus, which is that online players tend to reveal their emotions and lose their wits when playing live pots. They let their emotions dictate their actions, whether good or bad. When playing stakes for real money, this becomes a problem, as you cannot let your emotions run away with you.

With multi-table live poker sites, this is a completely different story. Here, players are allowed to reveal any emotion that they feel like. It is therefore not as easy to let your emotions rule as it is with online poker sites. The fact is that in multi-table live poker sites, you can end up facing many opponents who have the same current score as you, and are therefore pretty much easier to beat. This is because you have a wide range of opponents who can either boost your current score, or lower it.

As far as this current season is concerned, there is actually something called the Upswing Lab. This tool was created by Steve Hill and can be seen at several different poker websites. The Upswing Lab is actually a tool that shows you your past performances, both good and bad. In this way, you can see exactly what your luck has been so far, and use that information to your advantage, or to simply keep yourself from being blindsided.

One of the biggest mistakes that live poker players tend to make is that they get when they know that they do not have an advantage, and then they end up giving up big blinds. For example, say that you are in a very good hand, but opponent hits a nice high hand on the flop. This means that you have a pretty low hand, but you decide to take the pot without putting any pressure on yourself. You end up revealing a pretty weak hand to your opponent, who then bets big money on the turn against your poor cards. This may seem like a losing situation, and yes, it is, but if you have done your research, you will know that you have a good chance of winning the pot due to having a better hand, and also because of the tight competition that you have in the room.

Another thing that many players do is to try and attack without having learnt to read their opponent’s, and eliminate their chances of getting a strong hand. Many times, this works really well online, where there is simply too many players for you to accurately figure out the strengths and weaknesses of each person. However, in a live poker game, you only have a finite number of possible opponents, and you need to attack them at their own pace, as they can often do the same thing to you. If you try and beat someone with a bad hand in a live poker game, chances are, if they have already been beaten by you earlier, they will not fold so easily to your poor play.