The best online casino sites are like the best online hotels or best online restaurants in that they offer the most enjoyable gaming experience with the widest range of choice. Are they all legitimate? No, of course there is always room for innovation. But rest assured, for now, you will never find anywhere else to play your favorite online casino games.

Beware of dishonest online casino promotions. Most of them use slick marketing ploys in order to attract new customers. There are some websites that announce a “Deposit Now” promotion, claiming that you can click on a link and deposit real money. Do not fall for these traps! Any and every reputable casino is required by law to abide by the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) and the Unlawful Computer Gambling Enforcement Act (UCEEA).

Avoid online casinos that claim to offer free rollback wagering. The way that this works is that you are actually playing a machine that pays off a small winnings periodically. This feature is only available on a select few table games. To play free rollback games, the player must either pay real money, use a promotional code, or visit an online casino using a valid credit card. Unfortunately, the only way to win on free rollback games is by using a promotional code.

Avoid online casinos that require you to set up a deposit account or any other unnecessary membership requirements. Any site that insists that you deposit money before you can start playing is likely a scam. All reputable casinos are required to abide by RESPA and UCEEA. While not every state requires players to have a deposit account, many require members to set up an account with casino gambling websites before they can start wagering.

Avoid sites that claim to offer the best online casinos. There are literally thousands of gambling websites on the Internet. Some of the best online casinos are run by established gambling institutions with years of experience in the industry. Sites that are operated by “mom and pop” gambling operations will not be nearly as secure.

Avoid websites that claim to offer the best online casino games for those interested in playing bet online. Betonline is the most recognized medium for betting on a variety of sports, racing events, auto racing, poker, electronic baccarat and even high-stakes video poker. No legal entity owns or operates bet online. Betonline is controlled by its own virtual gambling website. While the websites that run betonline may be operated out of the same building as other online casinos, bet online is operated from a location that is completely separate from the casinos themselves.

Avoid online casinos that claim to offer the best real money online casinos. A lot of casino websites offer bonuses to players who sign up, but some of these bonuses require you to transfer funds. This means you can’t use your bonus because you transferred funds to another account. Bonus claims that require you to transfer funds are usually only valid for a limited time period and may not be available if the bonus attracts a high enough amount of players. The easiest way to find the top sites that offer the best real money bonuses is to look at the larger gambling websites.

To find the best online casino games, use a search engine like Google or Bing. Enter the name of the game you want to play and click search. When you have the list of websites that offer the games you want to play, narrow the list down to those that allow you to sign up. Follow the links provided to deposit your name and create your first real money casino account.